18 2021

Six Characteristics a Great Insurance Broker in Coquitlam Must Have

by admin

There are insurance brokers in Coquitlam, and then there are great insurance brokers in Coquitlam; given a choice, which one would you prefer to work with?

Insurance brokers provide an essential service, offering invaluable support in your search for the best possible insurance coverage. When you work with an insurance broker in Coquitlam, you don’t need to worry about tracking down and analyzing the minute details between coverage options and providers or fill in dozens of forms and answer the same questions repeatedly – that’s what your insurance broker does. All you need to do is choose the policy that works best for your situation from a list of options your broker will have already narrowed down.

However, not all insurance brokers are created equal, and with something as important as your insurance coverage, you want to make sure you have a great broker working in your corner. To help you get one, here are six qualities to look for in a standout insurance broker in Coquitlam.

People Skills

Knowing how to communicate with people is crucial for an insurance broker. A great broker will have finely tuned listening skills and a high degree of emotional intelligence. People don’t necessarily love talking about insurance and finances. Still, a good broker will listen to what clients are saying, reading between the lines to help get them the right insurance coverage.

Look for an insurance broker you feel comfortable talking to and avoid ones who try to push coverage options before fully understanding your situation.

Exceptional Customer Service

A big part of an insurance broker’s job involves being available to their clients when needed. Relationships with insurance brokers extend beyond signing a policy. They can be your advocate if there is ever a claim issue when you need to renew your policy, or if your situation changes and you need to make an update to existing coverage.

Choose an insurance broker who is reachable and prompt to respond to inquiries.


An insurance broker’s business depends on its reputation and credibility. In all cases, a great insurance broker should put the client’s needs first. This could mean having to consult dozens of insurance companies to track down the right policy, offering clients the best coverage option available regardless of the commission paid by the insurer, and always maintaining a courteous, professional demeanour.


There is no room for bending facts or glossing over details when it comes to your insurance coverage. Insurance brokers should always be 100% up-front and transparent with their clients.

Not only do insurance brokers risk losing their license if they are deceitful, but they won’t last long in the business if they develop a reputation for being shady.

Product Knowledge

No one can know everything on all subject matters, but a great broker should come close when it comes to insurance. An insurance broker’s value stems largely from their product knowledge. When it comes to the difference between coverage options, your agent should be able to explain all your options clearly, and they should always remain up to date on what’s happening within the industry.

Avoid a broker who will try to cover up their lack of knowledge on a topic with a made-up response. Even a great broker may not have all the answers, but a true professional will let you know and get back to you later with the information you need.

Find a great insurance broker in Coquitlam to work with and you’ll never have to worry about having the right coverage again.