8 2020

Do You Need More Home Insurance in Surrey for That?

by admin

With summer coming up, and residents under orders to stay at home as much as possible, popular items such as trampolines, swimming pools, and swing sets have been flying off the shelves of many online retailers. The questions that brings up, however, are, do you have the right home insurance in Surrey to cover these types of items and what can you do if you don’t?


This is a big one that is often excluded from existing insurance policies, unless it was specifically mentioned and added at the time the policy was taken out. Trampolines are fun, however they can also pose a significant risk, which increases injury liability. If you have already purchased a trampoline, or intend to buy one, it is highly recommend that you contact your home insurance in Surrey provider to make sure you have sufficient coverage, and if not, to add additional coverage.


Depending on the structure, this may or may not be covered under your existing home insurance in Surrey. Treehouses are often treated as accessory items, like a shed or gazebo, by insurance companies, and you may already have sufficient coverage. However, there are often strict rules and guidelines as to what size structure will be covered under an existing policy, and in order to ensure that you are covered, it is best to speak with your home insurance in Surrey broker, if have already bought or intend to by a treehouse or other climbing structure for your yard.

Swimming Pools

Homeowner’s insurance typically does cover you for liability for installed swimming pools, provided that you have followed all of the recommended safety guidelines, including having first secured the required permits, the installation of a fence, and having the required safety equipment on hand. Homeowners are also responsible to ensure that all additional equipment, such as diving boards and slides, are maintained, and children should never be left unsupervised.

When it comes to damage to the pool, insurance coverage can become trickier. Some policies will cover specified damage to a pool, such as a fallen tree, but won’t cover things such as damage to the liner resulting from accidental damage or wear. For a detailed list of your coverage, it is always best to contact your home insurance provider in Surrey.

Summer is a great time to enjoy being outdoors at home with our families, but if you are considering adding some extra fun to your yard, make sure you have the right coverage first. Better safe than sorry this summer.