15 2021

Don’t Forget Boat Insurance

by admin

One of the major draws of the lower mainland is our proximity to the ocean. Residents love to get out on the water. Boating is exciting, peaceful, and a great way to catch all the scenery this beautiful area has to offer.

But a day on the water can quickly take a turn for the worse, at a moment’s notice. The weather can sour, you could strike something hidden underwater, causing damage that can lead to sinking, engines can fail or flood, and there’s always the risk of collision with another boat or wildlife.

Circumstances such as these can lead to injury or damage to property, leaving boat owners liable and at risk for a lawsuit.

That’s why boat insurance in Surrey is not something you want to skimp out on. Boats are expensive, after all.  Insurance may seem like an avoidable expense; Surrey is expensive enough, isn’t it? Many people wait years and years before being in a position where they can afford to buy a boat, and without insurance, that investment can literally be lost. Doesn’t it make sense to spend a little extra money on protecting something of value?

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Just like home and auto insurance, having boat insurance protects you, your family, and your property from unforeseen scenarios that can occur at any given moment. If you take friends and family out for a day of fishing on your boat, for example, and an accident happens resulting in someone getting hurt, or, even worse, there’s a collision involving another boat. Regardless of the situation, even if the other boat owner was driving erratically, if an injury happens on your boat, you may be responsible.

With a comprehensive boat insurance plan, you can rest assured that no matter what comes up, you and yours will be well taken care of. Prime Insurance is one of the leading providers of boat insurance in Surrey, White Rock, Delta, and most of the lower mainland.

Most boat insurance plans offer coverage in the event of collision, theft, fire, or sinking as a result of the collision. However, the weather can have a significant effect on the safety of your boat. Even while docked, a bad storm can cause quite a bit of damage. Check the weather updates frequently, even on days you don’t plan on going out.

When docking, always ensure all knots are tied securely and ropes are in good condition. Remove any sails and disconnect battery-powered and electrical items. Secure loose objects like cushions, furniture, and toys in tied-down containers with tight-fitting, latched lids. Close and lock all windows and doors. Ensure there is plenty of bumper space between the sides of your boat and the dock.

Routinely check seals and latches for signs of wear and tear. Replace and make repairs as needed. Perform an inspection and refit of the underside of your boat every two or three years.  Finally, remember to enquire about storm insurance. Not all plans will offer it, but some may help toward covering some of the damage caused by storms.

Owning a boat can bring years of happiness and fun experiences. Don’t let one wrong move sink those chances. Click here to inquire about boat insurance in Surrey today.