16 2021

How Age Affect Your Auto Insurance

by admin

Auto insurance is necessary for every driver in Vancouver. When looking for Vancouver auto insurance, there are several factors that can impact rates. When shopping around for Vancouver auto insurance plans, there are many factors other than age that can affect the premium amount.

When looking for a new policy or coverage renewal, working with a professional auto insurance broker can help with finding a coverage plan that will help you, and avoid paying high costs unnecessarily.

Generally speaking, insurance companies consider anyone past their mid-twenties to be a mature driver. For anyone passed this age with a clean driving record, it is not unusual to see a decline in prices for auto insurance policies. Once you reach the age of 60 however, the prices of policies can gradually go up.

Vancouver auto insurance prices should be compared after every milestone birthday, such as 30, 60, etc., and whenever it is time for policy renewal. If you have children who get auto insurance and are no longer secondary drivers on your car, if you sell a car, or reduce the number of cars you own, if you move from a city to a rural area, or when you retire are all points in your life when it is advisable to check with your auto insurance broker about adjustments.

Age is only a small aspect of what affects your Vancouver auto insurance premiums. The level of your driver’s license is a huge factor in how much your auto insurance costs. In Vancouver, auto insurance companies generally associate inexperienced, or new drivers with higher risks of accidents. The license level directly corresponds with your level of experience. As you build your years of driving experience, the level, or class of your license also builds. Generally speaking, a driver who has only been driving for three years and a driver who has been driving for 30 years will be paying different insurance premiums.

Driving history is another huge factor. Speeding tickets and impaired driving tickets can impact your premiums. Generally, non-moving violations such as parking tickets do not impact your driving history. However, moving violations, such as speeding tickets, reckless driving tickets, and other charges do. 

The type of car you drive also can have some effect on your insurance premiums. The safety rating of a car will impact your insurance rates. Features such as airbags and anti-lock brakes, which are standard in new cars, are not in older cars. While buying a used car can save you money upfront, insurance policies for older cars or cars with lower safety ratings can have a higher premium.

A base level of Vancouver auto insurance coverage is mandatory in British Columbia. Additional insurance will give you better, and more comprehensive coverage. This better protection will ensure you are adequately covered in case of an accident or other unpredictable incident. But it does come at a higher cost than basic insurance.

Vancouver auto insurance costs also vary depending on where you live. The frequency and cost of claims, insurance rules and regulations, and other factors can all contribute to how much your insurance premiums will cost.

The easiest way to get the best Vancouver auto insurance is to use a qualified and experienced insurance broker. Your driving history, vehicle, location, desired level of coverage, and age all are deciding factors as to how much your insurance rates will be. However, age is just one small piece. While drivers over the age of 65 may qualify for senior discounts, the best way to get the lowest insurance rates possible is to be smart, safe, and responsible driver.