24 2019

How Using an Insurance Broker in Vancouver Helps You Get Your Best Policy

by admin

Insurance brokers have been given a bad rap – right up there with used car salesmen – however by not using a broker the only person you are hurting is yourself. If you are currently in the market for an insurance policy, here is why you should go through an insurance broker in Vancouver.

An Insurance Broker Works for You

One of the biggest benefits of using an insurance broker is that they work for you and not the insurance company. When you deal directly with an insurance company, the insurance agent on the other end of the line is a commission-remunerated employee of the insurance company. In addition to commission-based compensation, the insurance agent of one particular insurance company will only be able to offer products from that company – whether or not it is the best product for you.

An insurance broker, on the other hand, does not work for one company, but rather works independently and has access to insurance products from a multitude of providers. Using their skills and knowledge, an insurance broker in Vancouver can search multiple companies to find the insurance policy that best suits your specific needs, often at a better price then you would have been able to find on your own.

They Know Their Stuff

If you are shopping for an insurance policy, you may take a few hours, or even a day, to vet out potential providers and compare policy options and prices. An insurance broker on the other hand, does this job day in, day out, 5 days a week. They have expert knowledge of the various products offered by dozens of insurance companies and they know how to take advantage of all potential discounts, ensuring you get the best policy at the best price. An insurance broker in Vancouver will do all the leg work for you, compiling and comparing the best potential policies for you.

Using a Broker Doesn’t Cost You Anything

Possibly the best part of using an insurance broker in Vancouver is that it costs you nothing. That’s right, someone else with expert knowledge of numerous insurance products from dozens of companies will search for the best insurance policy for your specific needs – and it’s free. Insurance brokers are paid a commission from the insurance company you choose as your insurance provider; this is paid directly by the insurance company and Is not a fee passed on to you.