28 2020

Look at These Home Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

by admin

It is almost time for the most wonderful time of the year. Thanksgiving and Halloween are over and now it is time to prepare for the best part of winter, the holidays. Maybe you are going away for the break, or maybe it is your turn to host the season of giving gifts and singing carols. The change from warm to cold can be a bit of a change to your home and whether you are thinking of leaving your home for the winter or hosting people for the holidays, it is important to follow some home safety tips for the holiday season.

For those of you leaving your homes this season, make sure your home is secure against intrusion and also against problems such as frozen pipes. If you have Christmas lights on a timer, make sure that the lights are checked and without faulty wires to cut down the risk of an electrical fire. Also, make sure you turn off your water supply as to not come home to frozen pipes. It is also, not a bad idea to let a neighbour have a set of keys to your place. They can go to your home and make sure that everything is okay while you are on vacation.

If you are hosting this season, there are a few things to keep in mind as far as tips for the holiday season. Nothing will put a damper on the festivities like an accident that could have been avoided.

Just because you are going to be home, it doesn’t mean you can relax as far as the Christmas lights are concerned. Make sure there are no breaks in the wiring and that all the lights work on the string.

To further assure that you are not going to suffer from an unfortunate fire, make sure that all heating apparatuses are clear of items that can catch on fire. Also, if you have any fireplaces of wood stoves, make sure that the area around is clear of flammable objects, especially if the fireplace is an open fire that can be used to roast chestnuts. One ember that gets spat onto a carpet from the open flames can cause real damage if it is not attended to quickly.

With all these home safety tips for the holiday season, accidents can still happen. When they do, you should make sure you are insured. Prime Insurance can make sure you are covered no matter what, this holiday season.