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When you run a business, you take on an incredible responsibility, not just for making the business successful and profitable, but also for ensuring that your business is protected against threats to continued operation, and against potential liability.

Commercial Insurance protects you and your business in many ways:

  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Insurance against loss of property
  • Protection against lawsuits and liability
  • Worker’s Compensation coverage

The risks associated with inadequate insurance coverage are severe.  You must have more comprehensive coverage than just property insurance to fully protect your business.  Your assets are important, yes, but if you are faced with a significant business interruption or a costly lawsuit, your business may not be able to weather the financial storm.


British Columbia Business insurance is a complete assembly of insurance policies to protect every business owner against the overwhelming risks of doing business, not just for losses of property, but also for claims against the business by employees or customers.

At Prime Insurance, our commercial business insurance experts can help you make sure that your business is properly protected, so that you can continue to operate and thrive, no matter what misfortunes befall you. When you consider the costs of inadequate coverage, there is just no justification for leaving your business at risk.

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