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Prime Insurance, a top New Westminster insurance broker, has stringently been focusing on creating security in the form of high-quality insurance products and providing them to Canadians at cost-effective prices. We have been providing our clients from all over BC, and primarily those in the Lower Mainland with the right protection for over 20 years.

Our roots trace back to 1994, the year when we established ourselves as a full-service insurance broker dealing with personal and business insurance. We truly understand the indispensable role played by insurance in one’s life, and what all it can do to keep them from facing hard times.

Regardless of your need to select the best insurance coverage from us at the most competitive price, we go an extra mile just to ensure that you don’t run into problems, or face issues while your insurance claim is in process.

Why Consider Prime Insurance to Be Your Insurance Broker?

You never know when life might take a chaotic turn. So, when your world is shattered, due to disaster that causes extensive damage to your home, or your worker ends up filing a lawsuit, you need to turn to a professional New Westminster insurance broker who can extend their helping hand to you in hard times. Such things seem more like a nightmare, and you need someone as reputable and understanding as Prime Insurance to help you deal with unbearable losses.

Although you cannot keep from facing the wrath of God, you surely can shield yourself from the aftermath by considering the right insurance policy. We, at Prime Insurance, provide personalized attention to each client, and make sure they get peace of mind. We provide you with the best insurance coverage customized according to your needs and other preferences.

Some of Our Insurance Products Include:

  • Home Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • High Value Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Business Insurance

Our well-informed and experienced insurance brokers will assess your needs and offer you the finest alternatives to choose from. Now, no more of that unwanted stress haunting your mind. We will help you find the most suitable coverage plan that not only will bring         the much-deserved security, but it will keep you satisfied at all times knowing the fact that somebody caring and reliable is there to watch your back.

Some of Our Insurance Products Include:

It is our goal to work in your best interest and to ensure that you receive honest, tailored advice about diverse insurance coverage options available at your disposal. Prime Insurance strives to work for you, and not the insurance companies. We put emphasis on getting you the finest insurance coverage that’s easy on your pocketbook.

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