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None of us want to contemplate our own demise, but while it is unhealthy to excessively worry about our mortality, it is certainly necessary to be adequately covered by life insurance, should the worst happen.

The loss of a family member is devastating enough, but when the primary breadwinner passes away, the family left behind must cope with not only their grief, but also the reality of life without that financial support.

Without adequate life insurance coverage, the impact on everyday life, as well as future plans, can be monumental and devastating.  The home may be lost due to an inability to pay expenses, education and childcare expenses may be unmanageable, and the family may have difficulty maintaining even a semblance of their former lifestyle.

Everyday expenses, debts, and future expenses can be overwhelming when income is abruptly interrupted, leaving the family to struggle with:

  • Everyday living expenses
  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Credit card debt, vehicle payments, other debts
  • Education expenses
  • Funeral expenses

Life insurance can protect your family from these additional stresses and losses when a primary earner passes away, allowing them to grieve without worrying about their future financial security.


Many people worry about the cost of life insurance, but in reality, it can be very inexpensive, especially when purchased at a younger age.  So, don’t wait to make sure your family is properly protected.  Explore your life insurance options now, for peace of mind and more affordable rates.

At Prime Insurance, we will review your expenses and your family’s future plans and needs with you, to ensure that we recommend a life insurance policy that will provide the appropriate coverage to maintain and support their lifestyle in the event of the loss of a primary breadwinner.

We have been helping greater Vancouver residents protect their families since 1994 and we know that your family’s well-being is your first priority. We will help you secure their financial future with the right life insurance coverage in Surrey, Vancouver, Langley, White Rock, Delta, Richmond, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and across the Lower Mainland .

Contact Prime Insurance Centre Ltd today for Surrey life insurance and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is protected.

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